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Dedicated & Experienced

October- 1992-present

Broker/ Property Manager

Result Oriented and hard-working real estate broker with a proven track record of success in coordinating all aspects of  property management and sales.  A very strong attention to detail and accuracy.  Processing excellent communications skills highly professional attitude, and a great time management ability.

March 2014-2018

Property Manger of residential and commercial properties

·         Interact with owners and tenants to assist with the move in process, renewal process, and move out.

·         Deals with selection process of tenants.

·         Rental Price Analysis and Execution Leases.

·         Project director of major rehabilitation of single-family and Multi- family units. Budgets projects.

·         Procures vendor and oversees all repairs on units.

·         Used AppFolio and On-site property management programs.

·         Reported monthly and year end statements to owners.

·         24/7 emergency contact for all tenants and owners.

October 2007-2014

Director of Facilities

  • Provided full management of the Facilities department

  • Enhance maintenance, facility and operations procedures.

  • Oversaw project management and collaborated with executives and departments on strategic planning.

  • Created Employee Safety Committee and enforced Safety Procedures

  • Establishes a safe work environment by providing safety-related training and equipment maintenance

  • Managed real estate properties and leases, including lease compliance and insurance certificate management. 

  • Coordinated with the city regarding building code, safety issues, accessibility issues.

  • Created Space Planning & Construction, including minor and major construction projects, contractor selection and management, architectural/engineering services selection and management and all warranties.

  • Maintained records regarding annual inspection of equipment and general preventative maintenance.

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